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K E N N Y | W A D E

Kentrell Wade, better known as Kenny Wade, is a singer-songwriter, producer, and mixing engineer, that has emerged as R&B’s newest face to bring a newfound flare and appreciation to the genre. The Louisiana native spent a majority of his time cultivating his sound, style, and musicianship in Gonzales, La, but now has a fresh start to carve his name in the streets of Lafayette and eventually around the world! He currently serves as the lead singer of Kenny Wade and the Experience, whose mission is to unite all R&B fans and ultimately advance the genre!


He is currently an independent artist, and is best known for his singles “My Type” featuring Courtland Mack, “Call Me,” and “In My Feelings.” His recent body of works consists of two interconnected EPs where Wade details the conflicting feelings and heartbreak of a man in a fictional love triangle (“The Other Guy”); and the toxicity and twisted mind of the woman’s boyfriend (“The Cycle”).

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